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New to Integrity Chiropractic? Wonderful! We look forward to speaking with you personally.

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In order to save you time, you have the option of completing your initial paperwork prior to your first appointment. Keep in mind that the more specific you can be on this form, the better we’ll be able to diagnose and treat your needs!

Here’s what you can expect on your first visit to Integrity: intake paperwork, consultation with the doctor, a thorough exam, x-rays if necessary, discussion of findings, necessary treatment (typically involving electric stimulation, also called muscle stimulation), and a chiropractic adjustment.

During your second visit, you’ll: continue treatment and review anything from your first visit as needed.

During your third visit, you’ll go over your treatment plan with the doctor as well as any recommendations for care.

Once completed, please email your form to

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What Our Patients
Are Saying

“Dr. Mike Scaperato has been adjusting me since the beginning of summer and I noticed an immediate difference in the way my body moved and worked as soon as I got up off his table. Light as a feather and about a foot taller. I’m a horseshoer and blacksmith by trade, and my job is extremely rough on my body! He can truly make my joint and back pains disappear by the time I stand up at his office. I was very skeptical at first and hard-headed, but it’s such a better and healthier option instead of medicine!!!”